The evolving marketplace has made it imperative for technologies to become light and easily accessible. Businesses of today are no longer tied down by the traditional boundaries of space and time. Work is 24/7, inter-connected and constantly on the move. Consequently, ERP solutions too need to break free from the clutter of excessively complicated technicalities to become simple, easy-to-use and scalable.

All of The Intellect’s products have been developed on two flexible technology platforms –The Intellect’s Plug & Play and The Intellect’s Custom Made. Both platforms ensure that your business objectives are transformed into scalable solutions, and that these solutions are transparently managed for business performance, business conformance and effective governance.

Most components are pre-built and ready to use. As a result, customers reap the following benefits from these platforms:

  • Enables flexible, integrated business processes and focused analytics
  • Ability to change on demand, re-use of assets
  • Model driven development methodology leading to rapid implementation
  • Faster time-to-benefit
  • Single unified framework for all integration requirements
  • Designed for three business realities – Uniqueness, Change, Diversity